Siniset vuodet I Blue Years

This genre-challenging book is interesting and current, extending into the disciplines of poetry, photography and diary essay. The book's aesthetics are impressively minimalistic. The measured use of space, pictorial layouts, and limited typography carry a voice both quiet and strong.

- Finnish Book Art Committee, 2018

What does it feel like to be messed up and in love at the same time? Where to find meaning in a finished world? If I send you a cat picture, does it mean that I want you? The need for connection is like a hunger, it comes back again and again. Being with you feels like running red lights endlessly.

Blue Years depicts the heart-wrenching love story of two young adults in a postmodern, fragmented world. The book — composed of poems, short prose and photos shot mostly with a smart phone — is a lyrical depiction of non-commitment laced with black humor and melancholy. The piece strives to record, quite literally, the nature of youth in the 21st century: fury, heartache, selfishness; grief, hassle, fun.