Siniset vuodet I Blue Years

[...] Blue Years, with its fluid juxtaposition of poetry and photography, is an exceptional and welcome arrival in the Finnish poetry world. The texts and images are positioned within an everyday urban reality in the clamorous midst of which the speaker seeks love and meaning. Combinations of visual and textual art tend to be brought into the sphere of visual art traditions especially, so Blue Years also feels like it is prompting the reader to actively rethink their conceptions of literature. As such, the work stands squarely in the ongoing transition faced by Finnish literature itself. Books such as this are not yet found in the catalogues of top domestic publishers, but even greater things are happening on the grass-roots level.

- Lydia Lehtola, Toisinkoinen (Post-Debut) Award, 2018 (Translation: Kasper Salonen)

What does it feel like to be messed up and in love at the same time? Where to find meaning in a finished world? If I send you a cat picture, does it mean that I want you?

Blue Years depicts the heart-wrenching love story of two young adults in a postmodern, fragmented world. The book — composed of poems, short prose and photos shot mostly with a smart phone — is a lyrical depiction of non-commitment laced with black humor and melancholy. The piece strives to record, quite literally, the nature of youth in the 21st century: fury, heartache, selfishness; grief, hassle, fun.