Perintö I Legacy

Sensitive but stern collage of photographs and verse uses small means to explain the post-traumatic stress of war. The story becomes one with the design, unassuming and impressive. Bare cover and dark edges of the pages create an object not unlike a piece of tarred wood. The result is at the same time monolithic and intimate.

- Finnish Book Art Committee, 2016

The exhibition is still the default mode of display for photographic art. But nevertheless photography is a technique suited specifically to duplication, and a carefully designed, multisensory book brings the pieces closer to the viewer than majestic, sterile prints, so common in galleries since the 1990s. ... The subject of Inari's book nearly makes it non-fiction. ... [Inari's] solution is to create the impression of a documentary through artistic means. ... The reader opens [Inari's] black-spined work like a box full of angst, and yet the immediate whiteness of the paper feels comforting. ... My grandparents, too, "survived" the war.

- Antti Nylén, Taide, 2016 (Translation: Kasper Salonen)

Photo book Legacy studies a topic that touches the Finnish society even today: the trauma of war and the burdens inherited from one generation to the next in the post-war Finland. The poetic, collage-like work uses a young woman’s voice to narrate the harsh story of one family over several decades. Compiled of new and old photographs, poems, and short prose texts, the book interweaves the past and the present into fascinating fictive documentary.